Nov 16, 2013

Friday Friday Friday

I am so happy it is Friday. I am in the volunteer unit typing this update, I have the fans going in both rooms. It is hot hot in Ghana. I did not see the temperature today, I am sure it was in the low 90*s.

Today we had worship, this is scheduled every Friday morning. The children sing and then Kwame or Austin deliver a message based on the Bible. Today Austin spoke to the children about inviting the Holy Spirit into their lives everyday in all they do, going to school, fetching water, going to the market, doing their homework, everything they do. It was a lovely message and he spoke to them in ways that most could grasp and understand. I kept hearing a few Amens from Primary 3 and 4. After worship we had 45 minutes before lunch, I sat with my class and we have conversation about anything they wanted to talk about. We covered many topics, including Dolphins, Maddie and Morgan the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary. I told them the story about how and when I got the gold medal I wear, with the Virgen de Perpetuo Socorro, that Grandma Chichi got for me when I was 16 years old, when we visited Mexico City.
And yes, I included a tiny Math Lesson reminder in the story, we had to subtract 16 from 55 - so they could figure out how long I have been wearing the medal.

I've learned that when I say they can ask me any questions on any topic...... the field is wide wide open.

Today I walked to the end of Kissemah Village with Stefan around 4:30pm. I will post a few pictures. I was looking for a billboard that advertises an Office Depot type of store, we found the billboard, the store name was brightly posted with no address, no website, no phone #. Not sure the store is really a store, I will Google the info tomorrow and see. We also stopped in a store that is called Fine Gifts, the windows are all covered with paper so you have to go inside to see what they have. It was interesting, they all the inventory you can image to have a child's birthday party. The plates, napkins, bags, toys, balloons, blowers, party hats, everything. They also had watches, perfume, some jewelry, beautiful frames and small purses. Oh they also had all the supplies for gift wrapping. Someone must be shopping there, they had 4 ladies working in various areas of the store.

I gave the make up test to Grace Mary and Florence today. Teacher Lawrenda gave me the 411 on how to get all the information ready for their reports cards. I have to have them completed by 12.12 and I should be able to do so.

Tomorrow I am getting all the exams ready for all the subjects and next week I will go and make copies of all of them. With twelve students it should be easy to manage as the week of the exams that is all we do, they only stay for 1/2 day, eat their lunch and then they go home.

On 12.13 the vacate, what they refer to as "going on vacation" for the holidays. They will be back in school on January 7th. All of the Ghana schools operate on this type of schedule.

I have heard from several people that 10 minutes from the compound in Kissemah, in the area of West Legon there are botanical gardens that are very nice. Stefan and I may go over there tomorrow afternoon. Kwame will be gone most of the day tomorrow so Stefan and I can get there in a taxi, $4 each way. Or we can take a troto. I will provide update if we go. Certainly this is a place we can take the students, I will also scout it out for that purpose.

Sunday I a meeting Teacher Austin at his church, Living Springs. It is 10 minutes walk from the compound. I was supposed to go last weekend, but I was not feeling well. I am so glad that I am feeling better, so so so glad. The service at his church goes from 8:30am to 11am.

Ceci washed my sheets today, I am so excited. Nothing is better than a fresh pair of sheets on any bed in any part of the world, including the compound in Kissemah.

I appreciate Ceci more than she will ever know.

Good Night and Angels on your Pillows !

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