Nov 1, 2013

Friday ... Extra Energy

Today the KG1 and Primary 1 class students were hyper. They were more energetic than usual - I don't know how teachers do their jobs long term, especially teachers of children under the age of 10. There is no way I could do this full-time. We are hopefully interviewing a teacher next week, will keep you posted.

The kids are excited for the eclipse. Will be interesting on Monday to get the reports from all of them. Stefan and I will be outside shortly after 1pm on Sunday to experience the 2 minute event.

Most of the students and teachers were able to SKYPE with Renee on Thursday. It is great to see them circle around the PC in the office and have their conversations with Renee. Her family is managing as best they can, Renee lost her Father on September 27th, he died unexpectedly. All the children and all the teachers and many people who know Renee in Kissemah are praying for her and her entire family, especially Renee's MOM, Barbara Farwell. We think of them all and keep them in our prayers.

I will keep this post short, I am a bit tired today and headed to take my "village shower" as Madam Ceci calls it. Thanks for all the emails ! !

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------