Nov 11, 2013

Exam Results

I am learning everyday. Learning to be a teacher; learning how to proctor an exam for 1st graders, learning to keep the children engaged, motivated and for them to be glad to be in school.

Exam Results for English in %
Victor 93
Prince 93
Elijah 100
Godsway 100
Akos 100
Angela 100
Joyline 97
Abil 100
Shalom 100
Florence Absent
Lilian 90
Grace 90

Exam Results for Math in %
Victor 70
Prince 65
Elijah 65
Godway 75
Akos 100
Angela 90
Joyline 85
Abil 90
Shalom 80
Florence Absent
Lilian 80
Grace 100

The Math test was second, they went too fast and I did not review the questions like I did with English.

Also they all got amnesia with the carry over add and subtract problems like

Not sure what happened, last week they could all do this.

I did not go over the questions and they all went fast fast. I am going to administer the same questions to them tomorrow as a pop quiz - I won't call it that. Also there was one word problem most of them did not get.

Mary has 5 children, 3 are boys.
How many are girls ? Most of them put 8 as the answer.
Angela and Grace got it right.

I have to remember everyday that they are in FIRST GRADE, I have to do lots and lots of repetition with them.

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