Nov 11, 2013

Elijah Futuri and Kazakhstan ~ ~ ~

Elijah is in Class One.

This is what he wrote today on his English exam for examples of three places; we did nouns, person, place, animal and thing.

1_ Algeria
2_ Kazakhstan
3_ Panama

This is why I am in Ghana. All these children need is a chance, an opportunity to learn, to be encouraged, to be validated and to know that people do believe in them and their futures.

Elijah loves the world map. I talk to all the students in Class One about the countries, continents, cities, etc. The map is wall size, it is laminated and hangs over the wall that divides the porch between Ceci's house and the family next door, the same world map that Nikki Heise sent with me on my first trip in December 2011.

This will forever be one of my favorite moments. When I read his answers I looked up to the sky and said...... Thank You God for these tiny moments which are giant affirmations of what and why I am doing this work in Ghana.

Thanks Thanks Thanks ! ! ! !