Nov 2, 2013


Today I want to see Daniel. Oh my, he is an interesting man.

I hope I can visit him again. His house, the house he has created is across the main road from Kissemah. He told me he is 40 years old and originally from Accra. He is an artist, he does sculpting with cement and clay, he does lots of outside art with umbrellas, stuffed animals hanging from the trees, and also make shift furniture, he has a very cool hammock, I will share the photo. He has several tents and he lives in one of them.

He told me the goes to schools in the area and teaches children art, the teaches them how to color money; Daniel believes it is everyone's birth right to make their own money, what he means, all Ghanians should be able to copy paper currency on a copier and then color the money and have it really be money. He also told me one Cedi Coin, has the marijuana plant as an emblem because the government really approves of this. LIke I said, he was very interesting.

He has paper money from many countries all over the world and he has them posted on wooden type plaques on trees all over his outside garden as he calls it. I told him I would bring him some foreign currency when I come back.

I will post a few more pictures of his home.