Nov 18, 2013

Church in Ghana

Today I went to the Living Springs International Church and the service was very nice. I found out way at the end during the announcements that they are affiliated with the All Nations Church in Norcross, GA.

The principal and founding pastor lives in Swanee of all places. He is originally from Liberia and has started churches in Africa, Europe and US. And the pastor from Atlanta, GA will be doing the services all next weekend. He is Rev. Dr. Frank Ofosu - Appiah - sometimes the world is indeed small.

The service today was much like the services I attend at Victory World Church. And when I say much like, I mean the structure and order of how the Word of God is shared along with the offerings and blessings. And then everything else is different.

Church started at 8am - for 30 minutes there is constant prayer lead by a pastor and people are standing and chanting and walking back and forth in the church. Worship was from 8:30 to about 9:30, then the Pastor came up before the congregation and there was a bit more singing.

During worship people dance in place, people walk around the church moving to the music, they get into the praise and singing - and the sound system is loud. I am still convinced that worship takes an hour - to allow all the late comers to get to church. By the time the pastor started his message, the church was full, probably 300 to 400 people. This was much different than Kwame's church, Pure Fire, where easily 1000 come every Sunday.

The Pastor delivered his message mostly in English, he would translate the key points in Ewe and Tri and the amens and hallelujahs were loud - people stand up, they clap, they cheer, they are excited about GOD ! ! ! The message from the Pastor went from shy of 10am to about 11:15am. Then announcements, then all the newcomers are welcome to the front of the church. We got a huge round of applause and welcome packets. It was very nice.

There were offerings - 4 of them - the white envelopes, the blue envelopes, the general offering and the last one a special project the church is sponsoring.

Augusta, the lady who owns the Bombay Salon where I got my haircut the first week I was here, she was in church. She was in the front row and during worship she danced the entire time, I was energized watching her. She had a beautiful brown skirt and matching blouse and matching high heels brown shoes that were awesome and she never took them off - she danced and danced. When we greeted members of the congregation and she saw me, she gave me a great big hug and smiled.

I went with Teacher Austine, he was very nice to clue me in to all the things that were going on. Pastor Sammy was awesome ! ! !

The other major difference people in Ghana dress up to go to church. The ladies wear the dresses made with the beautiful colorful cloths. The men, many wear tunic type long shirts that are made from incredible materials - one day I am going to take pictures. And some DADs and sons wear outfits made from the same material, I saw two examples of this today, and usually it is young boys like under the age of 12.

I am excited for Monday to come, I miss the children.

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