Nov 7, 2013

A Large Bucket of Paint

One of the reasons I know I will be OK when I come to Ghana is because Madam Ceci takes excellent care of me.

She does all the cooking, washing, makes sure there is water in the bathroom facilities her family shares, she checks on me daily when I am back in her kitchen area. Tonight, because I have a bit of a tiny cold, she put hot water in my water bucket so my shower would not be cold.
She said with my cough I should not be bathing with cold water, which is my preference. Ceci does the daily market shopping in Kissemah and overall ensures I don't have to worry about anything related to comfort. She has a very quiet outdoor kitchen area in the back of the compound, along with the quiet, there is usually a light breeze and we always have great conversation.

The second week I was here, I asked Ceci if she would let me pay for her entire kitchen area and the shower to be painted. I told her she would get to approve the color, the painter would move all the tables, barrels, etc. all she had to do was approve that we could do this. She said Yes.

So this Saturday, Rafael will paint the entire back kitchen area. Ceci is very happy, today when we confirmed everything with her she said, "Thank you Madam, it will be very nice".

Ceci has been like a MOM to many volunteers who have called this compound home. She tells me stories about all of them, FLo, Hannah, Maria, Rachel, Sarah, Kaitlyn, Tracie, Lizzy, Fabian, along with others whose names I cannot remember. During our dinner conversations we also also always remember, Auntie Renee and her family.

I will share before and after pictures.

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