Nov 22, 2013

39 Days

I've been in Ghana for 39 days, sometimes it feels like the first week and sometimes it feels like I've been here 3 months.

I started thinking today of all the things I've not done in 39 days, here are some:

1_ No cheese, bread, milk or yogurt
2_ No television for 39 days, for the exception of the 5 or 10 minutes I watched the Black Stars soccer match
3_ No indoor plumbing or any type of indoor sink, all the washing, brushing teeth, bathing, it is all outdoors.
4_ I have not done any laundry or dishes, or any type of cooking or meal preparation, Madam Ceci takes great care of me
5_I've not paid any bills, or gotten any mail
6_ I've not seen or read any major news other than what people have told me about via email
7_ I've not had to pump gas in the car
8_ I've not gone to work, at least the type of work I did at Cox Communications
9_ No grocery shopping
10_ No Time Magazine, Afar or Bon Appetite

Next week - I am on the official countdown, my arrival date in Atlanta is December 14th. I have to review with Kwame all the must do items that we need to accomplish before I leave. We are tracking to get everything done, but time will go by very fast, especially with me teaching the Primary 1 Class full-time for the next three weeks. We are doing mostly review of all the subjects in preparation for the exams, at the same time, the day requires management of 12 high energy, very bright children, it should be fun and challenging all at the same time. I continue to pray every night for patience - and I continue to remind myself that they are in First Grade. I am learning, I am learning.