Oct 28, 2013

Water NO, Trash Pick Up YES

Today I walked around the corner and to my surprise I see this container. I worked in the office after the lunch break and up the crooked broken dusty road infront of the school, comes a huge green waste management truck, like the kind we have in Atlanta.

Not sure who in the compound is paying for trash pick up, Ceci's family and the school do not use this bin. We have our trash in a large burlap type sack and a man comes by and picks it up.

And we don't have much trash - the food peelings from fruit for example go to the goats, we don't use napkins or paper towels, Ceci has bags that she takes to the market when she gets supplies.

We mainly have the water bags that we drink water from and the children do sweep the courtyard everyday after school, again we don't generate much trash at all.

And for the record, the water tap in Ceci's area is still dry. In Kissemah and neighboring Christian Village, there has not been any running water since the day I arrived on October 14th. Everyone is FETCHING.

Ceci has giant barrels with water on reserve and two of the senior girls in school, get water for her in the morning.