Oct 29, 2013

Tuesday Program

Today we had a most unusual school day. The children worked on Sponsor and Friends letters, they did art projects and also participated in a school recital for the students, our visiting friends from the US, the board members present in Ghana and Madam Ceci. Also a few parents were present. It was a great day. We also took class pictures for the commemorative book I am putting together for the Mawuvio's 5th Year anniversary next August.

The recital program consisted of two dance numbers,
the first was a choreographed dance with 12 of the girls. The song was YOU RAISE ME UP. Teacher Lawrenda worked with the girls after school for a few weeks, they did a great job.

Teacher Kaia, our ISEP volunteer, from the University of Ghana, has been working, along with TEacher Austin and Teacher Steady on an after school music program. The students played various instruments and the songs featured were: Our Friends from Far Away, Wishing Well and Mary Had Little Lamb. They did a great job.

The finale was the native Bo BoBo Dancing. A group of the children, boys and girls, dressed in the native African cloths and their bodies painted in chalk. The music teacher, William, led the ensemble of the three drums - and all the children clapped and danced for about about 25 minutes, it was awesome ! ! ! As we were dancing in the school courtyard, the skies grew very dark and grey - the angels were watching over us, the skies parted and we were drenched for about 15 minutes - all after we had finished the program and taken group photos, it was perfect timing.

All the sponsors will get their letters next week. The children understand and appreciate that they have supporters in American and Austria who have invested financially in their well being and future. They are all very appreciative, along with the entire teaching staff, and Kwame and Renee.

It is hot in Kissemah. The rain was welcomed by all, it helped cool the day. Ceci told me that tap ran all last night, she filled up all the barrels and containers - our water supply was replenished. During the day the tap did not run at all.

Tomorrow we are going to Ayikumah to see the new school and to the Somanya Market to buy beads for the school beading program.

Saturday, Lawrenda and myself and some of the students are going to do spring cleaning and organizing in the office. I am getting plastic bins with lids at the Game store (aka Accra Mall Walmart), we are going to organize all the supplies, books, music instruments, uniforms, first aid supplies, etc. etc. My favorite kind of project. I will take a before an after picture.

Saturday I also have Face Time scheduled with Maddie and Morgan.

Today I had a Diet Coke, it was oh so nice. Friday, Stefan and I will have our standing meeting to drink very cold Alvaro's at the end of the day. I am looking forward to this already !

And the JIFF peanut butter - It's wonderful ! ! !

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