Oct 20, 2013

Student Profile: Ben Gborwosu

Ben is of the "original" seven students before Mawuvio's was a school. Kwame started with a group of seven children, at that time Ben was 10 or 11. As you know the story, Kwame and Renee met at the University of Ghana when Renee was here with the ISEP program and she started coming to Kissemah in the afternoons to help Kwame with basic education of the seven original children.

Ben comes from a large family. His Mother, Adole, passed away in 2011 at the age of 45. His Father, Wisdom is a carpenter, he his originally from the Volta Region of Ghana. Ben's family lives is Kissemah across the street from the Christian Vision Century Church.

Ben's family is made up of his Father and his brothers, Sosu, Kofi, Thomas, Issac, Forgive and his sister, Ama. He told me that he had other siblings who are now deceased.
Forgive who is 11 is also a student at MOP.

Ben is a student body leader, he is 15 and currently in primary class 5. He leads the school assembly most mornings, helps direct the set up of the school desks and also supports any of the school activities. He loves loves soccer, his favorite school subject is Math and his least favorite Environmental Studies. Next week he will participate in the school recital, he will play the electric piano.

He told me that he enjoys school and likes learning. He would like to travel to the US, Canada and the UK and he wants to be a pastor.

He told me that what he misses most about his Mother is that she would make time to be with him and all his siblings when she was home from work, she played LUDO with the children (a dice game) and also told them stories from the past. His Mother, Adole, according to Ben worked as a cook, making Banku and Kenke and Fufu that was then sold in the village.

Ben wants everyone to know that he is thankful to Auntie Renee and Kwame for the opportunity they are providing with Mawuvio's. He also wants to thank all the supporters of MOP, everyone who is helping with donations of money, supplies, the lunch program and building the new school

He added, "May God Bless All of Them" and "You are all Welcome To Ghana".

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