Oct 19, 2013

Saturday DOME Market

Saturday DOME Market

Today I went to the DOME market with Ceci. We walked to the end of the village where the main road is between Kissemah and Christian Village and took a trotro. The van was empty when we boarded, as we got closer to DOME we made a few stops and the trotro filled. It was 60 pesewas to ride from Kissemah to Dome, about 30 cents. It took about 15 minutes with light traffic. My firs smell of marijuana in Ghana was on the trotro today, not sure who entered with the aroma, but it was sweet and familiar.

The market was well how can I describe it, the sensory overload on my brain is something that does not happen too often. There is so much going on, people, cars, sounds, smells, movement, me trying to follow Ceci, me trying to not run into people, cars, and me trying to take it all in. It is not for the faint of heart. And it was hot and sunny.

Ceci was shopping for supplies for the school lunch program, oil, onions, garlic, tomato paste, seasoning packets, smoked tuna, salt and then a few items for the house. Once Ceci had a few items in her shopping bag a young girl came up to us with a huge huge metal basin and offered to carry the goods as Ceci walked through the market. I have a photo I will post. She makes money doing this at the market all day long.

Since Ceci has been to this market many times she is an expert navigator in and out of the crowd, visiting her preferred vendors. We were in and out of the market in about 20 minutes, and yes it is all outdoors. We took a taxi home, the ride was very short since we did not have any stops, the cost 6 Cedis or about $3 dollars.

The cost for gas in Ghana today is about 2 Cedis per liter. This is the highest gasoline has ever been.

Water today in the village for people buying at the huge polytanks, 25 pesewas for 25 gallons. The water tap has been off since I got here on Tuesday. Kwame and one of his friends got water for Ceci in those big 25 gallon containers, a few of them. Ceci also has three huge blue barrels in the back where she keeps a reserve. Not sure why the water is not flowing to the village, will keep you posted.

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