Oct 8, 2013

Red Bicycle in Rome

For Carlos and Michele and Sharon and Doug:

In October of 2003 I had the great fortune of traveling to Italy for 14 days with dear friends. The last day in Rome we were walking across the Piazza Navona and I spotted and glanced at a young boy who stood watch over a shiny new red bicycle. 

That moment was a tiny fragment in the lives of two strangers; our eyes met and we both recognized and acknowledged what he was thinking and what I imagined he was thinking.  This poem resulted from that memory.  

Red Bicycle in Rome 

Warrior wheels waiting for wings, a stationary fireball. 

The red craft parked below worn wooden windows. 

Close by a thin small boy, his eyes guard with mission. 

The red bicycle monarch is tracking tourists

while planing adventures on his red Bianchi. 

I bow, admire the craft and acknowledge the prince. 

For a moment we are both where chariots fly

our eyes in tandem enjoying the ride in galaxies blue.

The nearby fountain distracts, its chatter gallops Italian loud

The prince and I smile, magnets pull across the piazza

we blink engaged in journey, 

the joy secret until now.