Oct 31, 2013

Prayer in Ayikumah

Some of my experiences here in Ghana will be with me forever. Wednesday when we visited the school site in Ayikumah, we visited with the village elder, Mr. Sununu. He is not the chief, he is one of the close associates and advisors to the chief. So imagine this visual, we cross the main road over to the village, the houses are made of mud, covered with zinc roofs, there are goats and chickens every where and little children who have never been to school darting to and from, some calling out OBRUNI OBRUNI and smiling and clapping. (that is the Ewe word for white)

I extend my hand out to them, some come up to touch me and some run. We keep walking through the village about 200 yards back, we make a left at a tree with the most amazing crooked trunk, it is so unique, it is a sign post to Mr. Sununu's place. He knows we are coming as Kwame has called ahead. When we get there, enough plastic patio type chairs are set up under a wonderful shady tree. Mr. Sununu comes over, Kwame greets him and states our purpose for the visit, introduces everyone, and we have a conversation, very plain and simple English, he understands everything Kwame says. He thanks us, he acknowledges and knows the opportunities the school will give the children in his community, he tells us we have his full support and he will report our visit to the chief.

During the conversation and visit under the shady tree, his wife brings a tray of the Pure Water bags, cold cold cold, and offers each one of us water. She then sits to the side and listens and smiles. Somewhere in the part of the conversation where we tell Mr. Sununu we have to leave because we are going to Somanya to buy beads, we show the bracelets to the wife and she smiles big. Kimberly gives her bracelet to the wife, I give mine to the lady relative who is also there and Keith gives his to the other male relative who was part of the conversation circle. It was like we had given them a bar of gold. They were so happy and thrilled, their smiles transcended all languages.

So Mr. Sununu says we need to close the meeting in prayer to thank God for all his blessing and he asks his wife to pray. She does not speak English so she proceeds to pray in EWE. The language is powerful, her cadence marched each word from her lips to our hearts and the heavens. She prayed with purpose, it was a moment I will never forget. The sounds of her words accompanied by a gentle, gentle breeze. Kwame translated, she was thanking God for all the blessings that are and will be part of the school, she was thanking us for our support and wishing us unending grace and cover. It was a moment I will never forget.

I wish I could have taken a picture, at the same time, some moments you cannot interrupt with a camera.

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