Oct 16, 2013

My Relationship with Water

My Relationship with Water

You and I and most people we know don't consider our relationship with water. We have multiple faucets at home, we have a need for water and one tiny movement of a knob or handle and WATER is flowing. Consider after you read this post how many times you use water everyday, when, where and how much you are using.

A few hours ago I had my first bucket shower and it was MARVELOUS. Imagine being outside, it is dusk, there is a nice breeze and its you, the chickens and one bucket of water with a cup to scoop the water out. Ceci has the only running tap in the compound, so when the tap is flowing she is always collecting water in barrels for when the tap is not flowing. Everyone else here fetches their water from a poly tank. There is one across from the school office.

I improved my bucket shower routine by bringing a bag from Trader Joes designated to be my carry all to and from the room where I stay, to the back of the compound where the outdoor shower stall is used by Ceci and her family. I take with me, my head lamp, water to brush my teeth, my pajamas, a towel and the keys to the room. Now I have a place to put my keys, the clothes worn for the day and not be worried about dropping something on the way back to the room. It worked.

Oh no.....we are in a lights out condition, my friend the fan stopped working and it is pitch dark, the iPad is so bright. I am going to have to name the fan.....any ideas ?

When the power goes out, it is very quiet, I can hear all my neighbors. The Black Stars won their soccer game against Egypt so I can hear far away celebrations, almost like whispers.

I am writing this at 8pm on Tuesday, I will post tomorrow in the morning before school starts.

And Stefan finally came home. He is Ceci's Grandson, Kwame's nephew. Since it was a holiday, he was playing all day at a friends house. I will post a picture of him, he has gotten taller. His birthday is in July and he is 12.

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