Oct 16, 2013

My First Full Day......

My First Full Day......

I had a wonderful day, it was great to see all the children and meet the new ones enrolled. I was up @ 6:00am, the compound families all greeting the day with their routines, getting children ready for school, one lady sweeps every morning and somewhere close a rooster joins in the morning cadence of Kissemah Village. Just as Ceci said, the evening cooled down, I had the fan on the lowest setting. I was able to sleep, I did not stay up because of the time difference, the overnight flight wore me out.

I had breakfast at 7:15am, black coffee, one scrambled egg with scallions and tomatoes and lots of fresh air and conversation with Ceci. Stefan has an early departure for his school, I did not see him before he left. I was up at the school office by 7:45am and visited with the children who arrived early. Many asked about Maddie and Morgan, so I showed them the Swim, Swim, Swim video on YouTube. They love to watch the dogs swim.

At 8:30am, Ben lead the morning school assembly and then all the children entered the compound and settled in their classroom areas. And yes school is outside, amazingly due to the hard work of Renee and Kwame and all the teachers, it works. Children are learning. I took time today to observe and reflect on the extraordinary people and connections that have made Mawuvio's possible. At times I was overwhelmed with a sense of responsibility, I reflected on the overall goal and objective of Kwame's and Renee's dream ....and it is real. I watch the children thinking, considering, raising their hands with zeal when they have the answer, it is wonderful to be right in the middle of it all.

Futures are being shaped at Mawuvio's .....one day, one of them or many of them will prosper, they will be leaders, they will impact those around them, maybe a village, maybe the nation. Education gives them light, knowledge, experience, opportunity, and so much more. I am thrilled to be part of Mawuvios.

I observed all of the classes today, I learned with Primary Four class about lines, intersections, points, vertices, axis; it all came back. The KG1 class was working on numbers and three letter words: dog, cat, boy, buy, etc. I enjoy listening to the chorus of voices as the go through their vocabulary. I admire all teachers, the ones here and all over the world. It takes patience, patience and more patience.

In the afternoon they had their music program, the children danced and sang. They do the traditional BoBoBo dancing, there is a person that comes and plays the traditional drum and the students accompany with a tambourine and other native instruments. The children love the dance and music and the boys are as excited as the girls.

One memory already etched in my heart, Elijah was standing behind me sort of dancing and swaying. Then he caught a glimpse of his shadow and he went nuts dancing. He was so excited, he was making some moves that were hilarious, he was shaking, swaying and cracking himself up, I wished I could have taped him. He was in a moment of pure joy and delight and just as quickly as he discovered his shadow, he stopped dancing a crazed person and went back to watching girls who were doing the traditional dancing.

After school I went to see Augusta. She has a hair salon about two blocks away. I am going to get my haircut with her on Friday. She told me it would be 20 Ghana Cedi's, so about 10 dollars. Augusta has a smile that goes on forever and she laughs all the time, she is one happy person. I will take a photo after my cut. I also got the phone I am using charged and I got the card with the credits so you can have air time. So I will buy time as I need it. The company that provides the service is called MTN.

Lena, I want you to know that all the children love the Dolphin Earrings. I had many of them comment on them today. They all know I love water and fish, they told me they liked them many many times. I knew they would be a hit with the children. Thanks for all the smiles with all the children today.

For dinner tonight, I had the company of Stefan. Ceci made me Jolof Rice with Chicken, stir fried veggies and red sauce. Oh I forgot, there was also spaghetti noodles. All delicious, I will post a picture.

Sorry if this post has any errors or crazy sentences, I am going fast.

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