Oct 21, 2013

Monday Monday Monday

Today I taught primary one for 1/2 day. My subjects: English Grammar and Math. Imagine when Victor turned to the page in the English curriculum book and said "Madam we are here" and pointed to the page titled Action Verbs.

Thank goodness the book has a teachers guide with information on how to explain the topic or concept. Action verbs were easy, the children got that lesson just fine. Then the curriculum called for teaching TO BE verbs and it took me a bit to get them to comprehend, but they did. I remember all the things my sister, Ana, told me over the years of why techniques worked and did not work in her classroom. I also remember what my favorite teachers did to make the class subject come to life . Lawrenda told me at lunch that I got a 99 today for my teaching experience. She is right next to me on the porch with the KG1 and KG2 group. I will say again and again, good teachers are amazing. And teachers who manage small children, I consider are doing "special special work". I am sure they don't consider it work, they have to love what they are doing.

Kaia, the ISEP volunteer who comes Monday through Thursday will teach the rest of class for the balance of the day. We are one teacher short and have a job posting, I don't think we have any candidates as of yet.

For the rest of the day, based on the visit to the new school site in Ayikumah I am doing an update to the list of items we have pending to fund to be able to complete the school. The list is not long, painting, all the carpentry for all the desks, tables, benches, frames for the whiteboards, shelves for all the classrooms, office, wardrobe shelves for the dorms and bunk beds. We need to purchase and install all the light fixtures, the ceiling fans, and the electrical boxes in the walls and some light switches. Also need security lights outside. Need to get internet to the school via Vodafone or MTN with a dish. A few more items, a polytank, whiteboards for all the classrooms and office, all the kitchen equipment, utensils and dishes, laundry set up, sheets, towels for the students who will board, audio visual equipment. I am sure there are items I am forgetting these are the ones top of mind. We need to secure funding for all of these items, materials and labor where applicable. The challenge and opportunities are sometimes daunting, we are so so close.

Thanks to all who've sent messages via email. I appreciate your support and encouragement. AKPE ! ! ! Thanks in EWE.

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