Oct 24, 2013

Mango Medicine and More......

Yesterday Kwame was not feeling well, he was having some stomach issues, something did not agree with him. He went to a nearby pharmacy and got some powder in a packet, he was supposed to mix with water and drink throughout the day.

I checked on him a few times to make sure he was drinking plenty of water. He informed me 1/2 way through the day, he'd gone to the home pharmacy, the one according to his Mom, Ceci, and he was also drinking water that was made by her soaking bark from the mango tree in water and then drinking that water. I saw him do this twice yesterday, not sure how much mango water he drank, he was feeling better by the end of the day.

The medicine I have incase I need to take for the same symptoms is in a little plastic brown container filled by CVS pharmacy in Dunwoody, it is called Ciprofloxacin HCL. Nothing close to mango tree bark.

Everyday in almost everything I do here in Kissemah, compared to how I do the same or similar activity at home, there are vast differences, vast, enormous, night and day, sometimes overwhelming differences.

I go through a mental shift and adjust, if you don't adjust and immerse yourself in the way of life, the differences in culture, the differences in the economics of daily life, the differences in what I take for granted, vs. what these people don't even consider because it is not part of their day to day reality, you cannot make it here for an extended visit.

And I am not speaking of all Ghanians and all of Ghana, I am referring to the people I live with in the compound, in the village, our students, our teachers, their lives, what is real for them everyday.

I am grateful and blessed to have this opportunity. I am grateful for all the support and encouragement from my family, from friends, from my colleagues at work. The children were immediately ((when I first met them in 2011)) a huge magnet on my heart, the pull and tug and force by which they impacted my life continues today.

I start today, the first day of my 55th year, grateful and thankful to God and all the angels watching over us in Kissemah and especially at Mawuvio's.


- Zelda Fitzgerald -

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