Oct 13, 2013


The count down is on, tomorrow I leave for Ghana.  

My sister, Ana, came over to help me pack. I think I have everything I planned to take with me. The most interesting item packed, a charger for a 9 volt battery for the pump that draws water from the well at the new school location in Ayikumah.  

For the first time in my five trips to Ghana, I won't have to battle the Delta Red Coat at check in; I am taking 2 checked bags.  I have friends coming to Ghana in 2 weeks, they are bringing supplies, uniforms, etc. in three suitcases. 

I have my foot rest for the New York to Accra flight, the $24 investment makes a significant difference. I will post a picture. 

While I don't plan to drive, if I have to go to the bank or somewhere close in Kissemah, I have an international driver's license issued by the Auto Club, it's good for many countries around the world, including Ghana.  

I am not taking a phone. I confirmed that JFK has XFinity WIFI Hot Spots; as a Comcast Customer I will be using Face Time on my iPad. I have my contacts set up and will be dialing family and friends. From the school office in Kissemah, I should be able to do the same. All my updates, emails, photo uploads, etc. will be done via my iPad.  Thanks APPLE ! ! ! In Ghana I will use Renee's phone that she has when she is there. 

My friend, Sherm told me about Docs To Go, an application that allows me to open, edit and save Microsoft documents. It is synched with my Drop Box files, I am set. 

I packed 5 or 6 books. I need to re-confirm the weight of the suitcases. I am looking forward to being able to read. When school ends at 3pm, I will have the afternoons free to write the verseinprogress updates and read and even take a late afternoon naps. 

My friend, Nikki, told me about an awesome application called DAY ONE. I will use this for all my blog posts and tracking daily activities. If you have any reason or need to be organized about anything on a daily basis, DAY ONE is awesome.  Check it out. 

I am ready to be there and be with the children. I talked to Renee today, she confirmed that they know I am coming.  I am looking forward to seeing the look in their eyes when I round the corner at the school and enter the courtyard, the classrooms should all be in session when I arrive sometime after 1:30pm on Tuesday afternoon.  

I am going to miss so much and so many. I am glad that technology makes it easy to keep in touch. I even plan to Face Time with Maddie and Morgan. Maddie has been upset for about a week. She knows I am leaving. She knows the suitcases, she knows the routine. The children love to get updates on the Maddie and Morgan, Cindy will send videos, it will be great to share them with all the children at Mawuvio's. 

Maddie Louise 

I will post an update from JFK tomorrow afternoon.