Oct 22, 2013

Like being at the Movies .....

Like being at the Movies .....

Sometimes I think I am in a movie. I wish I had a camera following me, all the goings on at one time are at times combinations that are unimaginable at home.

Picture this: The children at lunch break, all doing different things. Some on the school porch playing a game with bottle caps. About 5 feet away, Teacher Lawrenda and Teacher Francis and I are having a meeting with one of the students caretakers, an adult sister. The meeting is in Ewe, I am getting the translated version in English. Across and up the street a bit, (say 40 yards) are some guys with giant speakers playing rap techno music, I am not sure in what language. A small boy, age 3 or 4, wanders into our meeting and chickens walk by the back side of the porch, minding their own business. At times I am sound sensitive, today I was aware of all that was going on around me and trying to follow the Ewe discussion at the same time. When I saw the small boy and the chickens, I smiled inside my head. The combination of sounds, people, activities, sights, and the bright sunny day, it is like a movie script.

I taught the Primary Class One this morning, 1/2 a day. They have so much energy. Our subjects this morning, English Vocabulary, what they call Dictation and Mathematics. We also did Spanish as they waited for the lunch to be served and the prayer blessing shared with all. Out of the 12 students in primary 1, ten are doing great, they keep up with the class, the work on the board, the exercises, everything. Two need extra time and repetition in directions, etc. All is good - they are good kids and get along well. Ages range from 6 to 12, there are eight girls and 4 boys.

Kaia, the ISEP volunteer, takes over in the afternoon. She comes to the Mawuivo's School Monday - thru - Thursday. She is also doing an after school music program with some of the children. She is in Ghana for a full semester at the University of Ghana. She is from Arkansas.

Today marks week one. Thursday we will celebrate my Birthday with the children, they will get biscuits at the end of the day and also will get an extra special lunch made by Ceci that day. Helen and Nancy from the ELITE CUTS shop in Dunwoody, GA, are helping out the celebration. THANKS TO BOTH OF THEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT. I will send pictures.

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