Oct 14, 2013



I made it to JFK, it was an uneventful flight, my favorite kind of flying. My luggage weighed in at 51 and 52 lbs. and the Delta agent did not say a word, Paul was his name. He was actually very nice and even thanked me for being a loyal Delta customer. For the record, the peanut butter did not make it and the two boxes of Frosted Mini Wheats were left behind. The KG1 and KG2 students are in need of lined paper, so I packed paper instead of peanut butter.

I cried when I left home. I did not cry in front of Maddie and Morgan, it told them I was going out and would see them soon, gave them a loving Mom type kiss on the top of their heads. Maddie looked at me with big sad eyes, it was though to walk out of the house. I told Cindy I want her to video when I come home, I hope they will remember me.

I talked to Renee and Barbara Farwell yesterday and talked to Kwame today. I am looking forward to seeing him and everyone in Kissemah tomorrow.

On the flight today on the advice of my friends Debbie and Nikki, I took time out to be quiet, to just be and enjoy the beginning of this amazing experience, adventure and journey. My nature is to be planning ahead, thinking, confirming, checking and double checking.....I was quiet in my heart and mind for a good bit of the flight, I got tears in my eyes. I have a tsunami of joy in my life ...... I am indeed blessed and I thank God for his love and care.

And thanks to technology I was able to check in with all of my siblings before I left. They are in Atlanta, Vista, Italy and Panama. Cindy thanks for taking me to the airport.

The next post will be from Ghana.

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