Oct 12, 2013


I am blessed, I am fortunate, I am grateful.  The past few weeks I've been saying farewell and goodbye to people at Cox that I've worked with, some for 20 years plus, some for every day of the past 7 years. The memories, the emotions, it's been amazing.  All of them wonderful and gracious in their wishes for my trip to Ghana, for the next chapter of my life. Many of them I am honored to know as co-workers and dear friends.  I will miss them ! ! ! 

Lena, Patrick, Elena, Cindy, Khang and Nikki 

In the past several weeks, I've also been through every one of my favorite dishes via invitations for lunches and dinners. To name a few: bbq brisket, sushi, fried chicken, thai food, homemade burgers, and yes, today I even had a super early 55th pre-birthday, homemade coconut macaroon cake.  Cindy's Mom, Mimi, had us over for fried chicken and mashed potatoes and surprised me with the cake last night. It was A W E S O M E ! ! One of the reasons I love October, I can celebrate my birthday for the entire month. I look forward to celebrating with the children in Kissemah in a few weeks. 

Early Birthday Celebration 

In the past several weeks, I've also been included many times in prayers. I am grateful for every person that has prayed for safe travels, for my time in Ghana, for my safe return in December and for my well being. I've had emails, cards, blessings, I am being included in special prayers at churches where friends and family attend; I am so thankful, words are not adequate to describe  the feelings in my heart. 

One of my favorites, an email from one of my co-workers ended with the line included above. I enlarged and printed a copy and will tape to the wall in my room in Ghana. 

From my heart,  thanks to all for your love, friendship, and prayers !