Oct 28, 2013


This little boy, he is shy of 2 is the baby of the compound.

Between all the families that live here, I think we have 17 children total, I will take one day. He is everywhere. No matter where you are, if you sit long enough, this little boy will show up. He has no fear. The day last week when we were in the parent teacher meeting on the school porch, he sauntered into the area where we were having the discussion. A few nights ago, we were sitting on the school porch around 7pm and he comes around the corner, jabbering, not sure what he was saying.

We call him the Grandpa of the compound. He is everywhere. And yes once he was wandered far enough away from his home, his MOM comes looking for him, he gets scooped up and taken back into the area where they live.