Oct 1, 2013


Bracelets, Bracelets ! ! 

Saturday I was with a group of girls from troop 4165, from the Lilburn Service Unit, from the Greater Atlanta Girl Scouts.  I had visited with them earlier this summer, I shared information on the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme and my travels to Ghana.  

My return visit this past weekend to participate in an exchange of bracelets, they learned how to make the recycled glass bead bracelets that the children make in Ghana, I learned from them how to make the Survival Bracelets which are now very popular.  One of my friends and co-workers, Brenda, she is the MOM of one of the girls and had arranged this meeting a few months ago. 

Fatima, Elena, Brittany, Alala, Emily and Zahra

The Girl Scouts and their families donated pencils, pencils, pencils. We have a huge supply of pencils going to Kissemah, I will certainly let all the children know of their friends and supporters from troop 4165.  

They also put together a video introducing themselves,  I will share it during our Friday afternoon movie time in Kisssemah. 

Thanks to Fatima,Brittany, Alala, Emily and Zahra for all your support.  

Pencils  Pencils Pencils