Oct 18, 2013



On Friday's the school has worship, then Kwame or one of the other teachers shares a message based on Bible Scripture. After this, the children get to have physical ed at the nearby soccer field. They come back to school for lunch and then usually get to watch a movie. Today the saw Sandlot and enjoyed it very much.

I got my haircut with Augusta early in the morning at her shop, she is about 5 minutes walking distance from the school. I worked in the office a bit. I visited Easy Track Ghana, a tour operator we are using next week to go to Cape Coast to tour the El Mina Castle, also did my afternoon walk with Stefan. The morning was a bit warm, in the afternoon it was overcast, we had a nice cool strong breeze, it was very pleasant.

The school office sits at the top of a hill, so there is always a nice breeze when you sit outside. And there is always people, children, goats, chickens, walking by, always someone or something interesting. Like Daniel.

Today I rounded the corner of the school office and there was Daniel sitting on the school porch, resting. He was talking to Kwame in Ewe, their native language, the tone was friendly so I thought "everything is OK" - Daniel (see his photo before this post) had a large and striking presence, like a Rasta man on steroids. He was dark dark dark, his hair was in matted braids. He had some sort of headdress on, he was wrapped in colorful and frayed strings or rope, his arms and his chest, and he had a large white tunic type outfit on that was thick, or layered. He had black pointy laced up men dress shoes that were worn. I wish I could have taken better pictures, I was afraid to ask. Maybe I will see him again.

Tomorrow I am going to the DOME market with Ceci to get supplies for the school lunch program. After that I am headed to the new school site in Ayikumah, Kwame needs to check on the progress of some work. I will provide photos and complete update. The school is near DODOWA, about 45 - 50 miles from Kissemah. The area is rural, wide open, no congestion, no traffic, very little city type noise or distractions, it is very peaceful out there.

I confirmed that I will go to church with Matilda, the lady I met on the plane, that will be on Sunday.

I did not sleep well last night, still adjusting to the time change, my body thinks it is 6pm at 11pm here. I am going to bed early.

Thanks to all who've sent emails, I appreciate your support and encouragement. Yes I am far away from home and yes it makes a huge difference when you keep in touch.

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