Oct 22, 2013

Dinner with Stefan

Every night I have dinner with Stefan, Ceci's Grandson. We sit in the back in the outside kitchen area, it is great to have his company. I always try to share a new idea, story, or experience with him. Last night I was telling him about all the jobs or work that my siblings do in US and Panama. When I told him that my brother, Roger, runs six franchises or eating establishments that serve Hamburgers, he did not know what a Hamburger was. I explained all the components of a hamburger and told him I would show him a picture via Google after dinner. (Accra has one American food franchise, one Kentucky Fried Chicken)

So the conversation veered to what children like to eat in US ? He knows what pizza is because they have it here at the mall, I explained burgers, tacos and donuts. I told him about pancakes and we also talked about cheese because of the cheese on burgers and tacos.

Later in the evening I showed him images via Google and he said the Hamburgers were very big. We talked about how people all over the world eat different things, his DAD lives in Holland, so we are going to research what people eat in Holland incase he get to visit one day.

While I am here I will try to visit Stefan's class at the school he attends in Kissemah. It is a private school, primary grades only, Morning Glory.

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