Oct 20, 2013

Church in Ghana

Today I attended 7am mass at the Our Lady Of Assumption Catholic Church in Achimota. Kwame went with me, we met Matilda there. (She is the lady that sat next to me on the plane when traveled back to ATL in March) She is in Ghana until March. She is retired and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She and her husband, Joseph are originally from Ghana and plan to one day live here full-time.

The church was large, probably seating for 750 to 1000 people, large open windows and fans everywhere, it was mostly cool. Compared to Kwame's church where 2000 attend, this was a more traditional service, the Catholic mass, with all the nuances of the customs and traditions, lit candles at the altar, the procession into the church with the priest, deacon and altar boys and girls, the congregation was blessed with water, there was an amazing choir that almost had the church dancing, there was the offering, communion.

The entire service was in English, some of the prayers were repeated in both English and Ewe. It was very nice. Today the message from the priest, (who was from Portugal) was about the power of prayer and that prayer is the only true way to get to know God.

Matilda was happy to see me and meet Kwame, after the service we went to her house. She wanted to make us breakfast, we told her next time. She wants to come and visit the school and invited me to lunch anytime and offered me the services of her car and driver anytime I needed to get around in Ghana. Matilda is a wonderful lady. And she also told me I can come and spend as many days at her house as I want. She even showed me the guest bedroom.

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