Oct 24, 2013

Birthday in Ghana

Anytime you celebrate a birthday surrounded by sixty children, it is bound to be exciting, loud, filled with joy and dancing. Today I had that kind of birthday. The students sang Happy Birthday 3 times, with the Hip Hip Hooray ending, which I love. Not sure if the clip is viewable on the blog, I posted earlier today.

I got a beautiful present from the teachers, I will post a picture, some of the Primary One students, the ones I am teaching now, brought me biscuits or crackers. They buy small packages from a store across the street, today they shared them with me. Adzo Atsu from class 3 brought me a bottle of pink champagne, I was very surprised. I got cards from the students, teachers, Kwame - it was great.
And Princilla Mensah, somehow figured out I love pineapple, she brought me one and gave me a lovely Happy Birthday letter.

At the end of the school day, Kwame always leads the school in a closing prayer, today he asked the children to pray for my health so I may come to know their children, and so I will be able to go and come back, go and come back. What was most touching, they all bowed their heads, all were speaking softly, I am not sure what they were saying, the chorus of their small voices filled the air with a sound so sweet, it is hard to describe. I almost cried, but I held it together. The times in the past when I've cried, the children get worried and confused, so I try not to do that especially in front of the little little ones.

I shared biscuits with all the children. Next week when the our visitors are here, we will have minerals and cake or ice cream. The biscuits today were supported by the Helen and Nancy from Elite Cuts in Dunwoody. Thanks again to both of you.

Today we also have a visit from a club at the University of Ghana called Education Aid or EDAID. They are student volunteers who reach out to schools to help children who need extra time and support in reading. We are going to identify students in primary class 4 and 5 and have the volunteers come for the month of November. They will come twice a week and spend an hour with each child. It is one child per volunteer, we will see how it works out.

Madam Ceci made me a wonderful salad for dinner tonight, I will post a picture. Tomorrow we have worship in the morning so I get the day off from teaching. I know I am forgetting something, when I remember I will post.

Thanks for all for the birthday emails and the postings on Facebook.

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