Oct 23, 2013

Ben's House in Kissemah

The student profile I did a few days ago on one of our senior students, Ben, this is his house.

This is where his family lives and eat and sleeps. So yes, this is a building under construction, where the work has stopped, I am not sure why.

They live primarily on the first floor. I was there yesterday and met his older brother, a cousin, who has baby twins, she was in her early 20's. Then there is Kumlavi who lives there, Forgive, and Ben. A his older brother's children.

As you know as you know, there is no water, no electricity, no closets, no carpet, not tile, no refrigerator, no pantry, no washer and dryer. NOTHING but the shell of the building and they manage. Ben comes to school everyday, with a big smile on his face.

I confirmed with Ben, eating, sleeping, bathing, washing their clothes, cooking: - everything is completed within the structure or outside. He did confirm that his Father, Wisdom, does not stay at this particular location. He is about 10 or 15 minutes away by foot. I did not get all the details on why.

Ben wants to one day be a Pastor. There is a huge 3 story church right next door, you can see the windows to the right of the structure if you look carefully. Ben's family attends this church and the pastor has helped them from time to time.

Thanks to Mawvuio's - Ben has a sponsor to cover the school costs, lunch program and basic medical expenses for a year.

Thanks to the sponsor family for supporting Ben. We greatly appreciate ~ ~