Oct 15, 2013

Arrived in Kissemah

Arrived in Kissemah

Delta flight 26 landed in Accra today 30 minutes ahead of schedule. We were greeted by scattered clouds and a warm 94* degree day. It is a national holiday, so light traffic and the kids have the day off from school. Kwame and Lawrenda picked me up at the Kotoka airport and about 20 of the children were at the school to greet me.

Not sure how this happened, my suitcases were off the plane and on the belt in less than 10 minutes and the customs lady was very nice, I did not have to open any of the luggage. Overall the flights were easy, on time, JFK is continuing to get remodeled, so all is good.

I spent about 30 minutes with the children, the sang, they had popcorn, I tried to remember as many of their names, tomorrow I will get to see all the children and all the teachers. We have an ISEP volunteer, her name is Kaya, she is from Arkansas. She is helping out 4 days a week. I only spent about 5 minutes with her. I also greeted Ceci.
We had a nice visit in the kitchen area outside behind the main house. She let me know that dinner will be ready at 5pm.

I unpacked and set up my home away from home. I will post a few pictures. I am staying in the same volunteer housing as before, only difference I am not sleeping in a bunk bed.
My best new friend, the fan above the bed is working just fine. Ceci did tell me that the nights are still a bit cool. I look forward to that. I brought pictures of Maddie and Morgan and family, a 2013 calendar is already hanging on the wall, I think I am all set. I will be able to use Renee's phone and we have WIFI in the school office.

The flight from JFK to Accra was smooth, no rough air and the passengers were mostly quiet and slept. I sat in 17A, my seat mate was Empress, from North Carolina. She is originally from Ghana, her MOM passed away, so she is coming for the funeral. I met Kathleen, from Los Angeles, she has been visiting Ghana for 20 years, she was coming to a conference at the University of Ghana, and one other lady from LOU was coming to Ghana for the first time and was volunteering at an orphanage for 3 weeks in Kumasi.

Kwame just called me to let me know that he is outside of the school office with the TV on the porch - there is a soccer game on today, the Ghana Black Stars are playing a match against Egypt, I think this match has something to do with the World Cup in 2014. Ghana just scored, they are losing their minds out there. The chickens are even excited.

Because I know the routine, the drive from airport to the village, the smells in the air, the turns we make once we get to the village, the pot holes to avoid - I feel like I am visiting a dear friend. I am comfortable here, Kwame calls me MUM. He and Ceci and Ben and Stefan all make me feel at home. The children fill my heart with tremendous joy - I am looking forward to seeing all of them tomorrow.

Kwame and I will also review the current activities as we prepare for the visit of Keith, Kimberly, Belinda and Alex in a few weeks.

To the entire Farwell Family, everyone is thinking of you here in Kissemah. Everyone sends their love.

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