Oct 9, 2013

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta 2013

Thanks Jim and Gail for letting me share you awesome photography. 

New Mexico 2013 

From my friends, The Keenans: 
Sunday dawned clear and calm and when we arrived at the balloon park about 04:30 it was obvious that a lot more balloons were already at the site.  Burners were being checked all over the field, the dawn patrol went off almost on time and once the sun popped up the mass ascension went off as planned. 

It's  hard to describe the highly orchestrated ballet that involves getting hundreds of balloons safely into the air, but suffice it to say that when balloons are being inflated all around you, one would think the event was turning into a giant aerial free for all. Nothing could be further from the truth - there's a dedicated group of ground controllers (who wear zebra-striped clothing so as to be instantly recognizable by pilots) who are in constant motion coordinating launches. The weekend sessions are by far the largest in terms of spectators with as many as 100,000 persons at the park and a large number of them are wandering about the field as balloon prep and launching takes place.

Once the sun clears the mountains to the east and directly lights the field, inflating and launching balloons just put color everywhere - it's a target-rich environment for a camera.

New Mexico 2013 

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