Oct 2, 2013

# 108 - Fancy Thai Sausage Salad

Just of 85, about 3 blocks from Jimmy Carter Blvd, on South Norcross Road is a strip mall that has been there 20 to 25 years.  In the tiny strip there is a Thai restaurant that has been there just as long, the Thai Restaurant of Norcross.

The restaurant is small, most tables are for parties of 2 and 4. They have  bamboo tiki type decor, old fashioned, some would characterize as worn.  It's all part of the charm and experience of some of the best Thai food in Atlanta. I will put this restaurant up against any other Thai establishment in Atlanta. Their food is authentic, fresh, filled with all the aroma, mystery, color and surprise of authentic thai dishes. 

They serve my all time favorite dish, # 108, the Fancy Thai Sausage Salad.  

The ingredients are simple, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, purple onions, carrots, scallions, thai sausage, chili and lime juice and it's  awesome. The combination of sweet, hot, crunchy vegetables, coupled with the unique taste of the thai sausage, from the first to the last bite its a competition for your taste buds. It's like a fencing match and fancy ballet recital in your mouth, competing for all your senses.  This salad coupled with a cold Tsingtao beer is wonderful. 

#108 on the appetizer menu 

Colors, flavors, textures....... Delicious  !