Sep 26, 2013

Two weeks on the end of 25 Years

For the past few days I've been deleting personal files from my inbox and H drive at work. Files that for many many years had personal emails, updates, messages or photos that I kept because I love to save items that are dear to me.  

I had files for recipes, photos, travel, Panama, family, Mawuvio's and much more.  And then boring files like HOA, house and taxes. Over the years when I had to do personal things at work, I had a system and structure to save the documents or emails that I need to access. 

As you can imagine I've been going through lots and lots of information. Some of it is duplicated at home, so I deleted, some I sent home to save on my personal desktop and much of it was old and went by way of the Delete button. 

I  had two voice files that I could not delete. One is a message from my VP on January 3rd, 2003, the day I got the news that my Father died at his home in Panama. The other wave file  of my dear friend, Connie Podnar, who died last January. She left a message congratulating me on a poetry collection I put together and self-published, The Shell Hunter. Today when I found these wave files, I could not delete them. I will one day, but not today. Hearing their voices today, listening to the heartfelt messages was tough. 

Sometimes it feels like I am moving, somewhere far and foreign.  By Thursday October 10th, my desk has to be move in ready for the next person who will be sitting there. I only have one picture left, I can't be at my desk without a picture of my family.   

I am glad that I gave a 10 week notice. I did this thinking that I could help transition my role and do some knowledge transfer, oh well that did not happen. My position has not been posted. 

What has happened and worked well, I've  gone through the gamut of emotions: fear, anxiety, nerves, more fear, more anxiety, I had two weeks were I was sad everyday and cried a few times.  This week the closer I get to the end, the closer I am to the reality that one day soon I will exit quietly and won't be coming back. I am thrilled and excited like a little kid.  

I am happy !  I am overwhelmed with gratitude!  I thank God everyday for the incredible blessing I've had to work at a wonderful company with people that cared about me, invested in me, and helped me grow and develop as a person and also as an employee.

And for 25 + years.  I never imagined, I never planned this. My first job in cable was because I could speak Spanish and it was supposed to be for the summer. This was in Carlsbad, CA working for Daniels Cable on Palomar Airport Road in 1982.

Below, I am sharing a few of my favorites emails and photos that I ran across today.  

The first is an email I received 3+ years ago from an employee and now dear friend that I worked with for many years in Orange County, CA.  She was a CSR when I met her in 1987.  Today she is Director of ROC - Regional Operating Center for the Cox CA region. 

E' ~
Hope you're well my dear and I wanted to share a little something with you.  In today's leadership meeting, our ice-breaker was to share with those at our table who in our life inspired us to be the leader we are today.  Of course I didn't have to think long and hard as I spoke up first.  You are that person, that boss, that friend that truly inspired and guided me.  To you I will always cherish for taking me under your wing.  For untapping the talent I never knew I had.  For taking the chance on someone that everyone else gave up on…to you I will be forever grateful for where I'm at in this company and where my family is today, tomorrow and always.  I love you my E' - always!
Just wanted to share that with you…You inspire me!


The next message is from my niece, JoAnn. This is  the oldest document I had in my personal folders, an email from her when she was 10 years old in 2001. 
Remember she is 10, her first language is Spanish and she is typing  an email on her parents computer. I read this out loud today and smiled.  And yes I sent this to JoAnn immediately so she could see how long her dear tia elena held onto this message. 

Sent: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 1:40 PM
To: Arosemena, Elena (CCI-Atlanta)
Subject: things i want for christmas

dear tia elena :

tia elena for this christmas the things that i want you to bring me are elastic thread for beads , beads, and a little notebook of hello kitty to put my sales. you know something i am selling things like bracelets, rings, necklaces, bracelets for the feet you would like to see how many people have bought me things of those. bracelets for feet and hand cost 20 cents, rings 10 cents, necklaces 50 cents.

 your favorite nice,

p.s. bring toys appart what i have asked for in this letter, and write back, hope to see ya  soon!


One of my favorite photos two happy FISH, Maddie Louise and myself. We are swimming at Ana and Parker's house in Shalimar, FLA.  Maddie's greatest joy ever, going for a swim. This was my screen saver for many many months.