Sep 13, 2013

The Alphabet on Friday the 13th

A rognace at church 
C hili without onions
D ogs in tiny silver purses 
E iffel Towers made from Legos 
F rogs in dry aquariums
G randuer in the mind of presidents
H ands caressing pistols, guns, AK47s
I talics just because
J uly heat that debuts in May 
K indergardten technology classes 
L oss of cabin pressure
M indful criminals 
N othing or All 
O ppresion 
P arking at the end of the world 
Q uarantined peanut butter 
R ising suns in cocktails 
S terile minds 
T omboys at ballet recitals 
U nder the serious moonlight  
V ictory at any cost 
W inds without direction 
X enophobia in any language 
Y ellows mixed with cobalt blue 
Z en gardens in plastic containers