Sep 1, 2013

Gulpener Chateau Neubourg

Remember the day I spent hours pressure washing the patio, yes that day when I was extremely hot, because the 2 hour project went on for 5 hours.  

That day I was happy to have one of what I call "The Blue Beers" in the fridge and I remember the beer tasting so good and being so refreshing that I want to share it with friends and family via this post.  

For the record, I am not a fan of alcohol. At the same time, when there is an occasion, a celebration, or an after work Happy Hour, my adult beverage of choice is a Cadillac Margarita, on the Rocks with salt.  This "Blue Beer" will now officially compete with the Cadillac.  

I first learned of the Gulpener Chateau Neubourg at the Brooklyn Cafe in Sandy Springs, GA. It was recommended by the waiter, it was served in the tall chilled glass you see in the picture above.  And it was extremely refreshing.  

I did not pay attention to the name, country of origin, all I knew was I liked the taste and I loved the blue color of the bottle. So the day I wanted to purchase a few weeks later, I asked for the beer in the fancy blue bottle and the person at Tower Package new exactly what I was referring to.  

I know there are many different kinds of beers, flavors, brewing styles, etc. give this one a try.  It is brewed in the Netherlands, in the village of Gulpen, about 230 kilometers from Amsterdam.  

ENJOY ! Let me know if you try ~