Sep 22, 2013


Friday on the way to Gatlinburg, TN, I met Eric Legge.  

I spent 15 or 20 minutes in his studio/ gallery in Dillard, GA, on Hwy 441, right on the GA, NC border.  On Sunday we stopped on the way back to Atlanta, I purchased one of his wood carving paintings, the Blue Face of the Moon.  I was in his company a total of 25 to 30 minutes, I know I will see him again. I asked him if I could visit and spend time in his studio when I am back from Ghana, he said Yes.  

He was born May 17th, 1966. Eric's never had any formal art education.  In the short time that I was with him, we talked about love, angels, God, his 7 million + and counting brothers and sisters, his DAD, his Grandmother, why he loves the sun and the moon, Machu Picchu and his fanciful hat. 

His studio is a place that requires hours and hours to enjoy all the work he has on display. There is so much to take in and digest that you miss pieces as you are enjoying all the artwork.  

His use of colors is bright, thick with conviction, sometimes carnival; his work is honest, balancing a tinge of melancholy with mini explosions of color, lots of color. 

He paints, carves, sculpts and does large art installations. He paints faces, I love faces. He had several paintings and carvings of Jesus's face that were amazing. I took a few pictures, I will post a slide show later this week.

Elena and Eric 

As you know I love art, I love the act of creation, self-expression, the use of the imagination to create colors or words or sounds in all shapes, textures, expressions.  I love art that causes people to react in ways that inspire, art that provides insight into emotions and feelings of what it means to be alive and present and engaged in LIFE. 

Below is the inscription Eric added to the piece I purchased today. As I was walking around admiring his work he was drawing the faces of three angels and the inscription.... 

Love is the most wonderful thing a heart can know. 

The piece I have from Eric is painted on a thick wood door, the hinges are still on. The Blue Face of the Moon with three angel faces painted on the back, a new door for my imagination. I will post a picture later this week. 

Artwork by Eric Legge