Sep 22, 2013

Do You Know Siri......

Do You Know Siri......

Yesterday I was using the navigator program on my iPhone. I was having some issues, not really issues, I wanted to be sure I knew all the features.

I engaged Siri in a few questions and she was not happy with me. Have you tried to have a dialogue with Siri? Sometimes she is funny and sometimes she is like a stern junior high teacher; she doesn't take any "you know what" from anyone.

A few times she told me I was entitled to my opinion, my favorite response from Siri, "I am both your friend and your assistant".

She did get in the last word, when we pulled into the parking lot of the Zoder's Inn in Gatlingburg, TN, I had a confirmation message from Siri, it simply read: ARRIVED. She wanted to be sure I knew that the program in the phone worked as designed. I am going to post a picture one day of what I think Siri looks like.

I am trying out all my tech gadgets to ensure I have everything set up and fine tuned so I can post updates from Ghana. I got an OTTER case for my iPad, they are a bit heavy, however I want the extra protection since this will be the only device I will have to post, check email, text and Skype. When I purchased the Otter case, the reps in the Sprint store, tossed an iPad on the floor and nothing broke, cracked or shattered. I was convinced it will protect my iPad.

I will be using DropBox and Docs to Go to have access to documents I am working on, and with Insta frame, I will be posting photos to VIP and also Facebook. I am testing a charging device from a company called Eton, so far I am not convinced the gadget works as advertised.

Our world and lives are different because of technology. I am glad that we have devices that allow for communication and ability to get information, sometimes it can be overwhelming, I only know the basics. One of my future to do items when I have time and time and more time is to be a bit more knowledgeable about programs, applications, etc.

If you are ever in Gatlingburg and want to stay in a simple out of the way hotel and have a balcony over a rushing river....check out Zoder's Best Western. I will post a short video.

------ Short and sweet from my iPad ---------