Sep 10, 2013

20 Jobs for the Future

Apple facilitated one of their now famous and much anticipated product unveiling meetings in Cupertino, California.  

Just a few hours after the meeting ended there are hundreds of articles already posted to the internet that weigh in on every perspective imaginable. There are the positive reviews, the nay-sayers that see the Apple empire heading south. Lots of discussion about the colors of the new phones and why so important to market share and the price point, lots of lots of data on Apples loss of market share due to the Android phones, etc. 

My favorite articles the ones that detail what was not included or talked about in the Apple meeting today:  Apple TV, Apple HDTV, the Apple Smartwatch, etc. etc.  

There is so much going on with Technology and so fast - everyday products, services, devices, become bigger, smaller, faster, more capable, more user friendly. The Apple phones today have technology that recognizes your fingerprint, you no longer need a password to unlock or use your phone. It is all fascinating and frightening all at the same time. A couple of weeks ago I was at a birthday party for a friend's six year old daughter, her gift of choice for this years Birthday, a mini iPad.  I polled a few of her friends at the party in the same age group and yes, they all had their Apple devices.  

Who and what will these young people grow up to be and do in their lifetimes? 

I don't even know what this young generation is called today.  

Consider some of these job titles: Productivity Counselor, Personal Digital Curator, Corporate Disorganizer, Personal Life Archivist.  

And there is more: check this link for the full presentation provided by SLIDESHARE.  The presentation is interesting and thought provoking, especially if you are the parent of a young child today.