Aug 27, 2013


Before and After Post 
Thanks for all the emails on the Before and After post yesterday. Pressure washing a patio of any kind, the patio in the backyard, the patio in your mind, the patio in your heart, it resonates, part of the human condition.  I appreciate all your notes, emails and text.  

Recycled Glass Bead Bracelets
Remember the lady from the clinic, I went to her house last Saturday and she an another friend purchased $300 worth of bracelets for family and friends.  One of the ladies, Cathy,  invited Mawuvio's to set up a table at the annual spring yard sale hosted in her neighborhood. MOP will certainly be there, spring 2004. 

Renee Farwell 
Renee is headed to Ghana on September 1st. The new school year starts on September 17th. Renee is excited and looking forward to being back in Ghana. I will be joining her and Kwame and all the MOP teachers and students in mid October.  Travel Safe Renee !!!! 

Two days after I submitted the grant application for Omprakash, I got an email that confirmed receipt of my application. They provided an update that within 30 days I will be informed if they will fund the grant. I am hoping this all works out.  I will keep you posted. 

Blog Housekeeping 
Last week I finally deleted the blog that I had set up for my first trip to Ghana in December of 2011.  All the subscribers to that blog were transferred over to this one. I sent an email to all who were transferred advising you have to confirm your subscription by clicking on a link sent via email from Feedburner. 
Any questions, let me know. And my apologies for taking so so long to do this. 

The Family at the Shelter in Decatur 
I spoke to Aiden and Zoe's MOM today, all are doing well. I am taking them out for pizza on Sunday. Thanks for asking about them. I will provide an update on how they are all doing.