Aug 17, 2013

Some Days

Friday I visited the wonderful ladies at Peachtree Travel Clinic and got my medication prescriptions for the trip to Ghana in October. I got two additional vaccines, Hepatitis A and also an oral Typhoid vaccine.  I am probably being overly cautious; my memory is playing a General Patton quote in my head... CHANCE FAVORS THE PREPARED.  

The RN's at the clinic are awesome, Marci, Toni and Jessie; they've taken very good care of me every time I've traveled to Ghana.  To thank them I gave each one of them bracelets made by the children of Mawuvios'. They liked the bracelets so much, they and other co-workers bought $150 worth of bracelets for family and friends.   Thanks so much for all your support. 

Before going to the clinic, I stopped at a Panera Bread to get some coffee, I was running very early for the appointment.  I had an interesting experience, not sure if I don't get out much or maybe things have changed in the world. 

What am I about to share happened exactly like I am describing. Picture this, it is 7:45am, I go up to the counter and order a cappuccino.  A young lady comes in behind me, she orders a coffee.  We both get our coffee's about 3 or 4 minutes later and walk over to the counter where you get the sugar, the cup sleeves, etc.  

In the brief seconds that it took for me to get a pack of sugar, take the lid of my cup, pour the sugar in, get a stir stick, stir the coffee a bit, put the lid back on and get a napkin, the following conversation took place between the young lady who ordered after me and a man who was waiting for an order of a dozen bagels to get packaged.  

To set the scene, the man is well dressed in a suit, looks about 30. The young lady in her early 20's looks like Alicia Keys, has on the sassy jeans, a jacket and some awesome light blue 4 to 5 in heel pumps.  

Man: You from around here, do you come here every morning ?
Young Lady: No, I am on my way to work, wanted some coffee.

Man: Where do you work ?
Young Lady: I work with Where do you work ?
Man: I'm in pharmaceutical sales.  

Man: You looking fine today, can I get your number ? 
Young Lady: I'm seeing someone.
Man: You sure....we could go out later today. 
Young Lady: No, sorry.  I am seeing someone. 

She said thanks, hurried away to another section of Panera and finished fixing her coffee. 

I was left standing there wondering if I just imagined the conversation or did this actually happen ? I almost said to the guy, really at 7:45am you were thinking PICK UP at Panera Bread ?   

I have what I call "astronaut" hearing, I can't help my ears. I am sensitive to sound, once my brain picks up a sound, a conversation, noise, it's like a radar goes off and I can hear much more than I care to. My MOM had this 'amazing' hearing ability. I thought it was a MOM thing because no matter what we did when we were kids, how far we were from her in the house, she always knew what we were up to.  

My last Friday note: we broke a record in Atlanta.  The high was 66 or 67; the last time it was this cool in August was in the 1900's.  Crazy weather, yesterday I took a light jacket to work, I even wore socks.  Today I wore a sweat shirt when walking the girls and the AC has been turned off.  Not sure what is going on.  

As you can see by the photo below, it will be cool all weekend.