Aug 11, 2013


Today I completed a grant application with OMPRAKASH;  an organization of  which Mawuvio's Outreach Programme is a partner. 

I applied for funding to support my upcoming trip to Kissemah Village in Ghana, where I will volunteer and support the directors, teachers and students of the Mawuvio's primary school, which today educates 60 children.  I will be in Kissemah, outside of the capital city of Ghana, Accra, from mid-October to mid-December.  

I will work with Kwame and Renee to continue planning for the transition to the new school; we are almost done with the building construction.  There is still much work to be done to   begin classes in the Ayikumah location which is about 45 miles from the current school. 

New school building in Ayikumah, near Dodowa 

Omprakash has provided funding for two volunteers who've worked with Mawuvio's in the past.  I will keep you posted on updates.  

For more information on Omprakash, CLICK HERE .

From their website:

Omprakash is built on the idea that positive social change begins with human relationships. Our primary goal is fundamentally educational: by forging connections within our network, we want to "lead out" the citizens of the world towards an awareness of the human community from which they are indivisible and within which they can enact change. This process helps our diverse international Partners obtain needed volunteers and material resources, and it empowers everyone involved to become more conscious participants in processes of social transformation. 

The empty bowl represents the endless potential that emerges when we open ourselves to new questions, new ideas, and new relationships. For us, this openness is both a method and a product: rather than promote any single cure for the world's ills, we hold open a space that can amplify local voices and facilitate the sharing of multiple perspectives. We hope that the diverse members of our educational community will find humility through the recognition of their own interconnectedness, and that this humility will guide their actions as informed global citizens.

Renee painting  one of the classrooms of the new school