Aug 19, 2013


Tell me about yourself
My name is Florian Bernhart, I'm 20 years old and I come from Frastanz, a town in the western part of Austria. I have finished high school in 2012 and did my national service after that. After leaving Ghana in September I'll start studying civil engineering in Germany.

Why Ghana, why Africa
 I started being interested in Africa some years ago. I don't know the reason for that, I just know that every time I watched some documentations about Africa on the TV or saw some pictures about it I was very impressed about the land, the people and the different cultures. The reason why I traveled to Ghana was because of an organisation which offers volunteering work.

How did you learn about Mawuvio's
I wanted to travel to Africa to spend some time there and do something for a good cause. After contacting different volunteering organisations in the summer of 2012, I came across "Boa Woyonko", an Austrian organisation, which offers to send volunteers to different education programs in Ghana for free. Through this I got to now Mawuvio's Outreach Programme and because it sounded like a very good project, I decided to work as an volunteer there for 2.5 months. Because I totally enjoyed my stay there last year, I decided to come back this summer (2013) to volunteer for another 3.5 months.

Boa Woyonko Web Site, Click Here

What has surprised you the most about Ghana 
 It's really difficult to tell what surprised me most in Ghana, because there are so many things. But if I would have to choose one, it would be the different life style. It's amazing to see how people can be happy with the little amount of things they have. You can see children running around and playing with old car tires - I can't imagine children doing this in Austria.

Lessons Learned, Share some of the things you've learned
 I've learned so many things here in Ghana. Not only cultural facts about Ghana, but also I got to know a new way of life. To be happy and thankful for the things you have, even if you have not a lot. Although it might be quite hard to grow up in a developing country, most of the people have an amazing lust for life.

Describe a typical day volunteering for Mawuvio's
 A typical volunteering day at MOP looks like this: Standing up at about 7:00. Sometimes having a shower. Then having breakfast before school starts at 8:30. Before the children go to class, there's an assembly in front of the school, where they sing some songs and recite  bible verses.

According to the time table of KG2 (Kindergarten 2)  teach English for about two and a half hour (8:30 to 11:00) . In English the kids learn reading, writing and grammar. After English I teach Environmental Studies for about an hour (11:00 to 12:00). In this subject the children learn about their culture, their community, different plants, fruits and vegetables, that they should keep their environment clean and many other things.

When we've finished with Environmental Studies the children, the teachers and the volunteers  have lunch and then the children will go for break to play in front of the school for some minutes.

After the break at about 1:30 I teach Math until about 2:30. In Math the children learn addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and some other things. After Math the school closes and from Tuesday to Thursday there are   after-school-program. So the children go home quickly to change their clothes and maybe eat something small and then they come back at 4:00. After-school-program is either going to a library to improve the reading skills of the children, creating some bracelets to sell them abroad and raise funds for helping the children.

After this it's nearly time for dinner and then I spend the remaining time with different things. About 9:00 to 10:00 I go to bed.

What do you want the readers of this post to know about the children and staff of Mawuvio's
I want them to know that's Mawuvio's is a great organisation, which really helps the children to get out of their current hopeless situation through education to become a great person in future. 

It's really worth to donate to this organisation because even with some small amount of money you can really make a difference!

Flo thanks for all your support ! Thanks for your second return trip to Ghana and for supporting the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme volunteering as a teacher. Many  thanks to all your friends and family from Frastanz for their support and 

Best Wishes as you return home in mid September.