Aug 22, 2013

3 of the 300 Billion ~ Emails from Yesterday

I love days when I get up extra early, go upstairs with my fresh brewed cappuccino, I open my email inbox and there are updates that make my day. 

We have a well in Ayikumah 
 I had an email from Florian, the Austrian volunteer in Ghana, with the amazing update that we have water at the new school.  We have a well on the property, freshly bored and it is pumping water.  This is significant for so many reasons ! ! !  Apparently the well had been set up about 2 weeks ago, however access to the internet in Kissemah was down due to one of the main lines to the village being damaged.   Thanks FLO for the update - Thanks ! ! 

Selling more bracelets 
Remember my post about the ladies at Peachtree Travel Clinic buying the recycled glass bead bracelets?  One of the ladies emailed and said she wants to buy many more. I am headed to her house on Saturday in Sandy Springs, a friend will also be there to purchase some for her friends and family.  Thanks to Nancy for reaching out. I hope she has WIFI at her house so I can share some of the YOUTUBE videos. 

The Family @ the Shelter
And last, remember the Mom and the two young children, Aiden and Zoe, that I took to the shelter in Decatur last week ?  I got a wonderful update from the MOM. She said the shelter is wonderful, there are 5 families there. The organization that runs it has access to programs that provide all type of support to help them get back on their feet. She also sent her resume like we'd  discussed. I am going to review and see if I can help her with some interviews. 

I read somewhere that between 250 and 300 billion emails get generated or written worldwide each day.  The three I got yesterday were awesome - 

Thanks to Flo, Nancy and the Aiden and Zoe's MOM for your updates.