Mar 10, 2013

Visit to Aiykumah....

Visit to Aiykumah....

This morning I did not go to church with Kwame. I worked in the office, Hannah and I are mining all the PC's in the office for all the exams that have been typed up over the years for KG1 to Primary 4 for all the subjects that are taught based on the Ghana Ministry of Education requirements. We are putting all the documents on one flash drive so they are all in the same place and can be accessed by any PC that is being used. Some of the PC in the office are a bit past their prime, some of them will be retired soon, I am sure some will expire on their own.

At 12:30pm we headed out to Aiykumah to see the school and meet with the plumber, electrician, carpenter and the overall construction project lead. Kwame and I walked around the school inside and out and made a list of all the major items that need to be addressed, built, added, drilled, hung, connected, etc, in order for us to start school. The list will be completely estimated within 2 week, so we have a final grand total of the funds needed to complete the school.

Mom and Dad you would have been amazed at my fortitude in this completely foreign area to me. I was asking simple questions, having the builders explain how the plumbing gets connected to the septic tank, how the electricity wires run throughout the building, how a summer hut is built, how the water drains from the roof when we have an extremely hard rain, who does the overall construction site clean up when the job is done, how does the water run from the well to the toilets and showers ..and on and on. I had Ceci in the kitchen area with me asking for her recommendation on what you can cook inside with a gas stove vs. what should be cooked outside with a coal pot.

I am sure there are items Kwame and I missed, he will review the list this coming Saturday with the crew again and add any items that we did not include.

So with list and estimate in hand we continue to look for supporters, we hope, we pray, we scratch our heads. When I first was at the school site, there was a dirt lot, today we have a building that is almost complete. We will prevail.....

The ride to Aiykumah is easy - you drive out of Kissemah via West Legon, to Westland, then through a large and busy area called Madena, then at the Adenta Police Station Headquarters you make a right and it is a straight drive from there. You pass several townships, the town of DODOWA where there is a large hotel - then into the Aiykumah Township where the school is.

On the way to the school I was entertained as I always am with the names of businesses here in Ghana. Today, Genius Massage, Sass and Class Closet, and there is every way imaginable that God and the Bible are included in names of every type of commercial establishment you can imagine. One day I will write down a few so I can share, oh I forgot....... God is With You Fried Rice Stand !

Gas is much higher today than in 2011 when I visited, almost $5 a gallon. Cement bags 2 years ago where 9 Cedis now they are in the 19 Cedi range; with progress and development their is always a corresponding economic impact in higher everything.

For the record, Windows 8 is like going back in time. I had to work on a WINDOWS 8 PC for a bit today and I almost cried I got so frustrated. I am so appreciate of all the people who post YOUTUBE videos on how to do things, I could not figure out how to turn the PC off. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs for your amazing technology. Hannah is working with a MacBook Pro and she loves her PC -

Tomorrow is a big big day. We have volunteers from ISEP at 8am, I am filming the footage for the Mawuvio's version of the Harlem Shake, we are doing sponsor letters and then off to the airport of the school excursion. We will be back at 1pm for lunch - then the children get their dresses and shirt and we will have minerals and singing and dancing to close the day.

I am closing down for the day, will go to my volunteer room, get all my stuff for the bucket shower and then back to the room to get some sleep. It is all part of the daily routine, you get used to the details, like when I forget my toothbrush, or when I bring my toothbrush and forget to bring Pure Water. You learn fast to not forget.

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