Mar 3, 2013

Travel Essentials

My visit to Kissemah this week, trip #4. 

My anxiety and nerves are the regular travel kind, I know what to expect when I get to Kissemah, I am ready.  

My travel essentials, iPad and head lamp.  With the tablet I can text family and friends, even Skyp, and I can post the daily updates including photos. On the last trip I took a small Apple keyboard and it made a huge difference.  Needless to say I am a huge fan of the iPad. 

Head lamp, if the electricity goes out at night, it helps tremendously to have some light. The compound walkways are not lit up at night, walking to and from the shower and the bathroom is much easier if you have a head lamp.  I know why little kids like them, they are fun and they work very well. I have one with high and low beams, and even an infrared setting. 

I packed one bag of peanut M&Ms for the flights and I start taking the Malaria medication this evening.