Mar 7, 2013

Thursday March 7th, 2013....Ghana

Thursday March 7th, 2013....

Thank God and all the smart people in the world who invented petrol and generators. Right now we are in a black out and we have power because of a generator. We will have it on for a bit, not long. So the night is very very dark, all of Kissemah is dark and you can see the lights far way in Achimota. Still in the dark, people are walking up and down the street in front of the school office, you can hear voices, the sound of children, the sounds of cars and a few motorcycles. The breeze has been constant since I got here a few days ago; this evening because of the darkness it seems extra cool. Maybe it is all in my head, it feels cooler.

I had a wonderful day. I observed all the classes today, I sat in with Teacher Austine who handles the primary 3 class, he is an excellent teacher. I listened in mostly on English composition classes, primary 2 was learning fractions and the KG1 students are learning their ABC's and three letter words like CAT, DOG, BOY, etc. My favorite observation, when I can see them thinking, some will close their eyes, tilt their heads back a bit, some will mouth the numbers or answers they want to share, I love when they stand tall, and stretch their hands as high up in the air as they can to answer the teacher's questions.

After lunch Kwame and I went to the Accra Mall, about 10 minutes from the school, so I could exchange some dollars into Cedi's. The exchange rate was quite favorable, 1.92 Cedi's for each dollar. The exchange rate has not changed much since my first visit in 2011. We also made copies of some documents and came back to the school.

I spent most of the afternoon with Stefan, Ceci's Grandson, (Kwame's nephew) - he is 11 years old. His school was out today - he helped me with a few small things I needed to do in my room. We also took his bike to the tire man to get a patch and a new valve on this front tire. We also walked around Kissemah taking pictures of many things. He was my photography scout.

I am posting this update fast - the generator will be off soon. Hope everyone is doing well and thanks for the emails and text messages.

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