Mar 13, 2013

The Last Day

The Last Day

I am sitting at the snack bar at the Kotoka Airport having a "cold " STAR beer, it was so refreshing I think I will have another one. Today was tough, the last day always is. There is always many things to do and for some reason the last day is extra hot.

Kwame, Hannah and I did a few errands this morning, we were back at the school just before the lunch break. Kwame and I visited a library that has been established in Kissemah by Steven Wilson, from California , who came to Ghana to set up a tour company, Easy Track Ghana. The library has been open since October 2012, it is small, he has books for all ages and he is encouraging and getting children to visit after their school day is over.

I distributed all the dresses and the girls loved them. I will post pictures. Ana and Parker and Annette, thanks for the contribution !!!!!!!! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks......

After school was over all the children Skyped with Renee and Sarah. They were not sure about talking to a computer screen, they all took turns in groups of three and four. The teachers also all got to visit via Skype, it was great to see them all engaged with Renee and Sarah via technology and Hannah's Apple MacBook Pro.

The children went home, then I packed and sat for a bit and visited with Ceci, Stefan and Ben. Ceci made me the best scrambled eggs for dinner. About 25 children came at 5pm, I shared some M&M's with all of them, we took pictures, we prayed for the safety of my journey home and all the girls hugged me.

Thinking .....why Ghana, why Kissemah, why Kwame and Renee and all children, why the huge impact they've all had on my life, sometimes it is overwhelming. I ask God and all the angels in charge of the children of the world to guide me and counsel me in this huge experience I am having with them.

What keeps me coming back is the results......they are really learning. Pamela Lumor who is in KG1, I will scan and post her FRIENDS letter that she wrote. a few months ago she had never stepped in a school you should see her penmanship and her ability to follow instruct ions and participate, she is so happy and excited to learn. I could write the same about many of them......they are going to break the cycle and move themselves and their country ahead.

Regardless of what they end up doing: pilot, policeman, trotro driver, nurse, doctor, teacher, dancer, cook or pastor, they will be informed, they will be able to read, they will have choices, they will have the ability and the confidence to dream and work towards those dreams. And yes some will fall out, some already have, some will be average students and that is OK. At the same time we have some very bright children and Mawuvios is providing them an education and more. Our teachers care about the children, Renee and Kwame are like parents to them, they get exposure to the volunteers, they go on excursions, we feed them, we care for them medically.... It is all good.

And yes sometimes that feeling of being overwhelmed involves fear, doubt, nerves, anxiety, confusion and frustration.....then all I have to do is think of the children and look up to the Heavens and I go to a place of calm.

I think about how a tiny bit of my time and some expense in getting here and some expense in sponsoring the tour and the dinner with the teachers, and shirts for the boys, it is all received and appreciated in exponential ways. I know deep in my heart and soul that I am making a difference in their lives. It is a feeling that comes when I see the stars in Joshua's eyes like yesterday when we were on the trotro, or when I see Steady and Austine's class deep in thinking and writing or when the KG1 and KG2 are building on the very basics of ABC's and 123's. Or when they watch a movie and are thrilled to see a TV, or when they ask me over and over to share the Maddie and Morgan videos.....

Charlotte thanks for coming to my house in March of 2011 with your recycled glass bead bracelets from Ghana, and God thanks for connecting all the dots !

I am headed out at 10pm on Delta 27, I will post this when I get home. JFK only has one terminal with Wi Fi.

Maddie and Morgan, Mommy E is coming home !!!!!!

This updated was posted while on Delta flight from New York to Atlanta. I am almost home.

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