Mar 11, 2013

The Excursion

The Excursion

Nothing in Ghana simple, nothing goes as planned, and most activities, meetings, etc. do not happen on time or on schedule.

It is a way of life, part of the culture, accepted, expected and no one gets upset. Needless to say it is a great lesson for me every time I am here; I have to slow, slow, slow, way down. And most of the time it works.

Today we had 2 trotos come to the school, a Mercedez Benz version, white new, blue seats, not one of them torn. We loaded up 1/2 of the children in trotro #1 and three of the teachers. I opted for trotro #2 which was orange, grey seats, most all of them with a tear and lets just say that is where the excursion experience started for us. We had 1/2 of the other children, 26 or 27 and then 5 adults from the school and the trotro driver and the mate.

About 10 minutes outside of Kissemah, the children had broken out into a loud, excited, round of gospel worship songs, I could not hear the engine slowing. I did notice that we were going rather slow, finally the driver pulled over and the trotro mate went into action. He opened up the gear box from the inside of the car, up front, and they worked on something, about 10 minutes later we were on our way and arrived at the airport 15 minutes late.

So to get the excursion leader or host it required you go to three offices, very common in Ghana. One person looks at the paper, reviews, signs. Then another group takes the money and yet another group is where the tour person is working. If you are patient and you plan for this, it all works out. We started the 11am tour around 11:35 - and it was great.

The tour guide was wonderful with the children, she asked about the school, encouraged them to ask questions and she gave them ample time to look at the planes. We went everywhere, as if we were a passenger departing and arriving at the international terminal. The only place we did not visit was the actual tarmac, the children did get a great view of how the people get on and off the planes. In Ghana there are no jetways, you basically walk or are taken to the planes via a bus and you go up the stairs at the front and back of the plane.

On the way home we had cookies and water for the children, of course they all had to use the toilet facilities at the airport, with them running water and indoor plumbing is part of the excitement.

Thanks to Helen and Nancy from Elite Cuts in Dunwoody for your support in providing the snacks today and the minerals. The children send their thanks ... all of them are very appreciative.

Only one more day, amazing how a week goes by so fast.
Tomorrow I am going with Kwame to renew and update the Mawuvio's NGO status in Ghana. Not sure of the process, we are going to the office that manages the local NGO's and will find out. Also going with Hannah to get her passport, she had to extend her visa - so we are also doing that in the morning.

I met a man today, Steven from California, he is running a library in Kissemah. I hope to visit that tomorrow afternoon.

At 5pm I will have my last bucket shower, Ceci will make some wonderful scrambled eggs and I will depart for Kotoka around 6:30pm for my 10pm flight back to New York. I am scheduled to be in Atlanta by 11:30am on WED.

I plan to do one more update before I heading out.

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