Mar 5, 2013

Kissemah Village Tuesday 3/5

Kissemah Village Tuesday 3/5

Hello from Kissemah Village, outside of Accra, Ghana in West Africa. Delta flight # 26 from New York to Accra landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule, the Ghanian day welcomed us with bright sunshine, a nice breeze and temperatures in the 90*s. I was thrilled to peel off the sweatshirt, my shoes, socks and breathe in the 90 degree plus breeze as Kwame drove back to the school from Kotoka airport. Thanks to Debbie Shay for the ride to the airport and to Kwame and Ben for picking me up.

Tomorrow Ghana will be 56 years old, Ghanians are celebrating Independence Day - March 6th, 1957 Ghana became a republic; prior to that the country was under British rule. Tomorrow is also Roger and Mari's Birthday in Panama, I am sending my love.

I got to the Mawuvio's school right after the lunch break and the children were surprised. I tried to not interrupt their classes, I saw lots of big smiles and whispers of Madam Afua, Madam Afua. I greeted each class, each teacher and then observed all the class for 15 or 20 minutes. The program is being supported by a volunteer from Austria, Hannah. We also have a new teacher.

I then came to the back area of the compound and greeted Ceci. If Ceci is good, all in the world is good; that is how I feel when I am with her. We exchanged updates on families, the latest Kissemah news, and of course an update on her grandson, Stefan. Somehow mangoes came up in the conversation and in a few minutes I was snacking on the sweetest perfectly ripe mango and pineapple.

While in the back with Ceci, ((I checked because that is how I am wired, )) the tap was off in the afternoon, Ceci confirmed she had collected lots of water throughout the morning, so we are good for the evening outdoor bucket showers.

Before the school day was over, the children sang me a welcome song, we also discussed the field trip on Monday or excursion as they refer to the field trip. And lastly we had roll call and the school closing prayer and blessing.

Right now I am sitting the back area with Ceci and Stefan. I just finished my dinner, chicken and rice with a red pepper sauce that is amazing. All freshly made by Ceci in her outdoor cooking area, all cooked over a coal pot. Like a tiny square hibachi, its amazing to see Ceci manage the fire and the pots and pans. The sun has set, we have one large light bulb over the whole area, so I am kind of sitting in the dark. I am enjoying the cool evening and the symphony of sounds from all that live in the compound. Babies crying, TV's going, loud conversations, you can hear the large thump of someone grinding flour or corn for kenke or banku. And what I love about all of this, I feel like I belong here. The familiar is familiar and I welcome the change, the pace, the differences, and yes the similarities that unite this great big world and truly make it small.

I look forward to sleeping in a bed and not in seat 18A.
Tomorrow the children will come from 10am to 12pm to visit with me and then rest of the day I will spend in Kissemah with Stefan and Hannah and Kwame and Ben.

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