Mar 10, 2013

Hannah Koeppl

Hannah is our current teacher volunteer, she is from Salzburg, Austria. She is 20 years old, she has been in Ghana since January. She is teaching the KG2 class and the students love having her here.

Hannah is in between high school and college, she had been to South Africa when she was 12, was always interested in Africa and wanted to come back. She found Mawuvio's via an Austrian organization that has sent volunteers to MOP in the past.

Hannah will enroll in university when she returns home, she plans to be a teacher.

While in Kissemah, Hannah stays at the housing compound in where we currently have the school. She has one of the volunteer housing units. She has adjusted extremely well to Ghana, has been to many places, visited the teachers homes. And most important, Hannah has not been sick in anyway. She adjusted to the food, she likes banku, kenke, and eats all the cooking from Ceci's kitchen.

I asked her what has surprised her most about the children and the school, she shared with me that she is surprised at how much the children do to help and support the school. Since we have school on a porch and courtyard, the older boys and girls have to set up the desks and the white boards, they have to get the water buckets and cups, set up the benches for washing hands before lunch, and lastly when school ends daily, the desks have to be moved again and the patio area where the school is hel is swept daily. Also two or three of the older girls help daily with the washing of the bowls that are used to feed all the children lunch. Hannah also shared with me how much the children are interested in learning. Back home she has been a Scout Leader for several years.

Thanks Hannah for your great work and support of the Mawuvio's Outreach Programme. Hannah is scheduled to go back to Austria at the end of the current term, at the end of March.